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I was setting up push notifications for HSM (Smoke/CO detectors) and wanted to test to make sure it was setup correctly. So I created virtual button and a text notification to my phone. I can see the notification being received in the live logs (when I press the button), but I'm not getting any kind of notification on the phone. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? (I don't want to set off the smoke detectors to test this if I can help it)

Silly questions first.

You have the HE app installed on your phone, you have your phone showing up in HE, and you are selecting your phone for the notification? And you have allowed notifications from HE on your phone?

I am having the same issue. I have downloaded the HE app, but I was never prompted to add the phone as a device though the app. I do have my phone setup with "iPhone WiFi presence sensor", not an iPhone though. I can't seem to add my phone as a device for notifications.

Ive had the same issues. I finally gave up on the built in notifier and got Pushover, Its never failed me.

No question is silly, you don't until you ask. Yes, the app is installed and works fine. I was actually monitoring the live log file from the mobile app.

I checked notifications and everything HE asked for is allowed except for camera access.

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I agree. Good next step.

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Carl, Yes, tried that. It shows up in the logs as being delivered, but no notification on the phone.

I gave up and purchased Pushover. That works great.


I have this same issue. I have no device to send a message to. how do you set it up. of course, could go way of pushover but why? I bought hubitat. it should work right? correct?