Push Notifications to Mobile Phone, how to enable?

Hi, I am new to the community, just got my Hubitat yesterday actually. From what I have read with the Hubitat App (I am on Android, Pixel 3XL actually), it should get Push Notifications. My question is, how? I have been playing with a SmartThings multi purpose sensor, works great in Hubitat, triggers a chime I have.. only problem is, on my phone I don't get any notifications when the door is opened.. Can someone explain how this would be enabled? Is it something I have to set in the app to be notified? I didn't see any settings in the mobile app itself.. Or is it in the configuration of Hubitat somewhere? Without normal push notifications to my mobile phone when events happen then I wouldn't be able to keep using Hubitat :frowning:

Well I just figured it out :wink: I didn't know I had to create the action for it as well as specify the actual device the notification would go too. While I don't mind creating the notification itself, I find it strange I can't say send to all devices, so if I add any new ones I don't have to go back and modify all these actions with notifications.. does that make sense?

Obviously still learning the system here so maybe there is a way I haven't seen yet :wink: