Push Notifications Problem

I have the mobile app installed on my phone and my wife's phone which are both identical Android 10 phones. If I go into my device and type a message and click Device Notification, the message goes to my push notifications which I can read on the hubitat app and I can also see as an Android message.

We both have the same phones, side by side the same configuration. I go into her device and type a message and click Device Notification, the message goes to her notifications which I can see on her Hubitat mobile app and not mine. Perfect! All of that works.

The difference is that her received messages never make it to the notification pull down for Android. There is no sign she has received a message unless she goes into Hubitat Mobile and looks for it.

In looking at her phone, Android reports that Hubitat Mobile has not received any notifications, yet they are enabled for the app. Yet, I can send her a notification and we see it on her Hubitat Mobile app if we bother to go into notifications. My phone which has the identical configuration setting for setting vibrates, sound alerts and displays the message received by Hubitat mobile in the notification area. Hers does not.

She gets notifications for other apps. Android settings indicate that notifications are turned on for Hubitat Mobile but that the application has never sent any notifications according to the setting screen.

I deinstalled and reinstalled Hubitat Mobile and no change. Does anyone have an idea on what I might do?

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when you reinstall you need to log into the cloud and it should ask you to add your re-add your phone.

did you get that prompt.

if not remove app
reboot phone..
then re-add app and log into the cloud login through the app not your local hub

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Ok, this time I uninstalled the app. I rebooted the phone. I installed Hubitat Mobile from the PlayStore.

I launch Hubitat Mobile. I choose "Existing Hub Owner". I put in her email address and password. I tap login.

I get the option of her phone or my p hone as existing mobile app devices. I choose her phone.

In the tutorial, I choose "skip".

I get this app needs location access. I allow it and allow it all the time. I get a "What's New" splash screen. I tape OK.

The first displayed screen is our dashboard listing. It is correct.

I go back to the home screen on her Moto G7 android phone.

I go to the web page interface for the HE on my computer. I go to the devices listing and scroll down to find her phone. I click on her phone. I type some text into the device notification field for the device. I click the device notification button. For good measure, I also write a rules machine rule to send a quick notification to her phone.

Back on her Android phone now. No notifications. I open "Hubitat Mobile" I go to the "tools" menu. The notifications I sent are listed. I check my phone in the same place. Nothing. That's correct, I sent them specifically just to her phone.

On her phone, in Android Apps & Notifications, the Hubitat app says it has received 0 Notifications and app notifications are enabled for Hubitat.

This same procedure works on my phone. It does not work on my wife's phone. It appears the app is getting the push notifications but not sending them on to the Android Notification. Swapping down at the top of the phone shows no notifications from Hubitat Mobile. This works perfectly on my phone and I get the notifcations.

So, I fixed this. This is going to sound strange. I went into the Mobile device in the devices section of the HE web interface. I edited the device and changed the last digit of the randomly generated network device ID to a different value.

I went back to my wife's phone and went to settings, tapped our hub and selected her mobile device again. Now notifications are working. Note that multiple attempts to install the app never worked. The trick was ultimately changing the network ID of the mobile device.

After that then the notifications not only went to the notifications area of the app, but they went to the Android notifications shade and vibrated the phone as intended which was not working previously.



I was having the same problem with my wife's phone and your solution worked! Thanks a lot!

Tagging @bobbyD - this may be something to investigate further, may be an issue that HE can address.

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Yes, this one took me a bit to solve. The nature of the problem had me focused on the phone app itself. I am hoping that others read my solution too and find it helpful.


One of my two Android phones has started exhibiting the same behavior. I tried your trick above to no avail. In the mobile app,....tools.....notifications.....just spins. Android notifications don't make it in either. The hub log shows notifications were sent. Baffling.

Michael, Sadly when this happens there is generally only one solution. Delete the mobile device on the hub and then sign on to the mobile app and say you are a new user to create a new device. I know this botches up any applications that use presence like HSM, but it is a guaranteed fix.

That fixed it. Thanks.

Awesome Michael, glad to hear it.