Push notification issues on one of my phones

Hi all,

A bit of a strange one that I am struggling with. Several apps have notifications (such as changes to mode, presence etc) and these work fine on my S8+. However, on my wife's S8 the notifications appear within the app (under tools, notifications) but there is no actual push notification.

She has her own account, is joint admin on the hub and her app is linked to a presence sensor (hence she can see the notifications within the app) and I am not sure what we need to do to get hers working. Notification permissions are active on her phone too.

I am not sure if this is linked, but there is also a "Hub Unavailable" dialogue that pops up periodically within her app, especially when reconfirming the hub and the presence sensor she wants to connect to just in case they became disconnected.

Sorry if I am being vague but I am very much at the start of my Hubitat journey. It has already taken me to a better place than Smartthings and I am excited for how things develop.


Hello and welcome to the community.

When I first added my wife's phone I had trouble as well (it was a bit different than you describe). I tried several things but in the end I removed the app from her phone, removed the Virtual Device from HE, removed her as a users, rebooted both the device and the hub. Then I set everything up again form scratch and it work perfectly. If it does not ask you to pick or create a virtual device during the first app load/login something is not right.

I resolved similar issues w/my phone by uninstalling/reinstalling the HE app on my phone...after I reinstalled and selected the hub, push notifications started automagically working again. YMMV, of course.