Push Notications from Mobile App

I cannot get push notifications from the mobile app via Rule Machine. I have checked Android settings for notifications and have also selected the device for Rule Machine notifications ... really don't know what else to do at this point. Run Actions produces the appropriate log entry but no notification.

Does it work if you go to the device's page in the admin UI and try sending a notification yourself? (I mean the mobile app device for your phone.) This would eliminate Rule Machine as a problem, which it doesn't look like it should be from above.

Nope, I still do not get any notification.

depending on your android version, you can have per app notification settings, in addition to the overall notification settings. I have it on Oreo(android 8) and my wife has it on pie(android9).

Go into the detailed app settings for hubitat

The other possibility would be that the mobile app device in Hubitat got "disconnected" from the actual device (or more specifically, the Hubitat app). If you're also using it for presence, does that information transmit without problem? And do your dashboards (if you have any set up) load? If not, you may want to go into the the Hubitat app and try logging out and back in to your Portal account or re-selecting your hub (or both).

In any case, if typing some sample text into the "Text" field under the "Device Notification" box on the your "Ray's Phone" device in the admin UI (and then clicking the "Device Notification" button itself to send it) didn't work, you've eliminated Rule Machine as the problem. Maybe also try leaving "Logs" open as you try to see if you find anything illuminating.

Thanks for the help. I have checked and double-checked notification settings (per app and overall ... running Android 8 on an LG G7). I do have several dashboards, and they load and work fine from within the app.