Push Mode from Hubitat to SmartThings

I've still got a few things running on SmartThings, but primarily keeping it live as a bridge for ActionTiles. I just cant get the same clean look and feel with the other options available.

Is there a way I can push the current mode of Hubitat to SmartThings so that this displays correctly in ActionTiles ? Seen examples of doing it the other way round (i.e. SmartThings -> Hubitat)



Yes; see: [RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0

It works very well. You just need to remember that every time you add a device to Hubitat, go into this apps settings to 'authorize' it to push those events to SmartThings. Then wait a few minutes and the 'OH- device' will appear as a thing in ST (and then authorize it to ActionTiles).

I'm using this already, but is there a way to push the current mode (e.g. Day, Night, Away) to smart things? Couldn't see this?

Oops sorry i missed that in your post. Not directly, but maybe switch a virtual device in Hubitat, expose that to ST, then have a ST app change to that mode based on that shadowed virtual device. The downside is that your ST mode would also change. I think it was discussed but as I recall there is no way for ActionTiles to display a tile with arbitrary text in it, so the using the ST mode to shadow your HE mode is the only option.

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I am doing what Tony suggested: I have a virtual switch in Hubitat for each of my modes, and when the Hubitat mode is changed, the appropriate switch turns on (to help with the others turning off, I'm using Cobra's Switch Changeover app that only allows one to be on at a time, though you could also do something like that manually: Hubitat/Switch Changeover.groovy at master ยท CobraVmax/Hubitat ยท GitHub). I have something in ST as well that changes the mode according to which switch gets turned on, something in ST that turns on the appropriate switch when the mode is changed, and something in Hubitat that changes the Hubitat mode when a switch is chaned. With all of these pieces, I can change mode in either Hubitat (as I normally do, automatically as part of my automations) or SmartThings (really only via AT at this point) and have it sync to both.

I think, perhaps due to ST cloud delays, it occasionally gets confused and I sometimes have to change the mode twice (waiting at least a few seconds in between) for it to stick, but it's gotten better since I started using the Switch Changeover app instead of of webCoRE pistons to handle this. It's also possible I have some overlap/duplication/over-eagerness in these automations and it would work better if I were more careful and figured out where that was happening. But it usually works pretty well. :slight_smile:

The Other Hub app author has said he'd be willing to include mode sync so we wouldn't have to worry about this, but he's of course just volunteering his time for this code and I think he's been busy lately, so I'm not sure if/when that will happen.


Thanks! I'll give this a go!

Reviving an older thread to add another method... Like the OP I have a similar concern & needed ST Mode sync'ed with Hubitat Mode, ST being the "slave".

I was using WebCore for this for a while, but also experienced similar issues.

I am currently using SharpTools.io to do so via Rules; so far it has been 100% reliable & hasn't faltered or been delayed in any capacity. I also prefer Sharptools.io because both apps are authorized for use in their respective environment.

As for the "dependency" factor on the 'Net, and not being local, well, you're no worse off that the reliance on WC, IFTTT, or even the various other Push apps from Hubitat to ST for synchronization.