Push messages stopped

so randomly my push messages have stopped working, any ideas how to get them going again?

The first thing I'd do is to try logging out of and back into the mobile app, assuming that's what you're using to get these. When you sign back in, you should be asked to choose to re-use the existing "mobile app device" on your hub or create a new one, and assuming you're really using the same device and don't want to have to (re)select a new device all your apps/rules on the hub, you'd want to choose the option to re-use the existing device.

That being said, earlier this weekend some people were reporting cloud service problems. I don't think push notifications were affected, and I believe they have been resolved now, but maybe this was related.

thanks, logged in and out however its still not working

Can you go to your phone in the Devices tab, and send a message through "Device Notification"? Type something in the blank, and push the grey button, and you should get a message.

It also should show in the Current States what you sent.

navigated to that and sent a message however it didn't deliver. When i click on notification on my phone it says app device not registered to email this must be the problem, i just dont know how to stop it.

Like bertabcd1234 says, if logging out and back in didn't fix it, and if trying to add this phone as a new device and delete the old one doesn't fix it, there isn't much more I can think to try.

I would file a support ticket and see if they can walk through a few steps with you, and maybe verify your account on their end.

I didn't see if you mentioned you were using iOS or Android. I ran in to the following a while back with iOS.

ios, I'll try deleting this app and installing again

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