PSA for Aus - Ikea Tradfri now available

IKEA have finally started selling their cheap bulbs in Australia. No signal repeater yet though.



Oh, nice find but I can see this going to cost me !!

Yep. Perfect timing. About to get my new home tomorrow

How exciting. All the best and don’t forget to post back here the results of your experience with these devices. LOL

I just wish we could get the lutron caseta stuff here in Aus. Not a lot of good au certified wall switches.

I bought two of the Tradfri led drivers from Rhodes to replace my old ones (plugged into Omlopp). Connected up with no issue!

Do they all work with HE? I've got no idea really.

Yep, that's what i meant, there are drivers already installed for them. HE controls them and i have them switch on as a group. Just unplugged the old ones (Ansluta), which were some proprietary wireless Ikea devices and swapped to Tradfri. HE found them, connected them to Alexa and Google. Works like a charm!

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Nice. That's the way this stuff should work. :slight_smile: