Protection service

Hi @bravenel

I have searched but haven’t been able to find a update on when the protection service offering the C5 to C7 upgrade path.

Can you speculate when the service is expected to be available?

Edit: my C7 is out for delivery today :wink:

I believe the last update on the hub protection service was that it’s still being worked on in beta and they never mentioned a timeline. Since they just released a major update to the C7 hub’s z-wave firmware, I’d hazard a guess they’re unlikely to release the protection service to us in quick succession, simply because there are already people working through upgrade kinks from the prior problematic C7 firmware.


I currently have a C-5 in production that I would like to replace with my new C-7. I have been waiting for Protection Service but that it seems like it may to now be a long way off.

I currently have a total of 75 devices with about 20 Z-Wave and 25 Zigbee the rest are mostly Lutron devices. I have devices that I've been holding off on installing because they will only have to be migrated at some point in time.

I'm a Wink refugee and I am loving the potential that Hubitat provides. I need to move forward but wondering if I should hold off or just move forward.

I would love to hear the experiences of anyone who has done the backup/restore migration.

Bruce has said a couple of times that it is about a month away from release. That was only two weeks ago. Patience. :wink:


Are we there yet?


I've been pretty critical in the past about some directions of HE but I have also hoped the platform would progress....and it has. I think the protection service is a great idea and I'm glad that HE will have some reoccurring revenue....the team has already proved their dedication to the product and company so giving them some more $$ is likely to see it invested back into the products.

Now I'm one of the guys that going to need to migrate from the USB stick radio manually to the C7 BUT I will know that will be the last time I have to do that...and I can assure you it's going to be during a long cold winter weekend over that's some months away for me. I'm also REALLY glad to see some new zwave tools hitting the C7 series. Something else to look forward to.


Actually, that was 24 days ago so they have 6 days left. :wink:
But he did say 'intend' so it wasn't an actual promise.

Sure getting tired of WAITING to play with my new toy (the C7}.
BTW, since I only have 30 days to return my new C7 if it doesn't help my Z-Wave problems and I've already had it 3 weeks, do I need to return it now and buy it again when the protection/backup service is actually released???

Yeah! I am in the same boat. I have a C7 and waiting to.

+1 I have a C7 waiting patiently. I plan to move everything over to it and have my C5 as a backup (and perhaps dev box) where I try out some stuff through hub connect or something before solidifying on the same hub.

I'm not in a rush, I'd rather they get this system right and high quality over rushing it out.

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My guess is it'll hold until most of the concerns with the c7 are ironed out.

I for one would not want to have to troubleshoot for both at the same time.


I agree.

My two C5s are humming along nicely already - one with radios enabled and the other without handling all wifi/cloud/lan devices.

I plan to replace the c5 with the radios enabled of course and the c5 will become my sandbox.

That was actually my intend when I originally bought my second c5, but hubconnect got the better of me.

Same here, waiting for the service so I can move over from the C5 to C7. I am sure I could waste a day manually moving everything over myself, but would rather spend the time doing something else. Will wait another month and will go from there. Like others who pounded their fists in another thread that is now closed, I wish this was here today and free. I get it, so no more comments needed about that. This is an opportunity to offer a service that has an immediate demand plus value. It's not needed for the product to function and a luxury service for those in need of either a conversion path or cloud backups.


I just keep an eye on this page: Hubitat Elevation® Hub Protection Service – HUBITAT


Please help me :
Since protection service is not available, what is the best option to migrate from C5 to C7?
Any suggestion? Thanks

Please see @bravenel post

Right now, you can use the same steps in the Bruce Ravenel post that was linked above by @steve.maddigan . The steps also work for C-5 to C-7.

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Thank you very much.

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Many thanks

Am I missing something? I took a backup from my C5 and restored it on New C7. Everything seemed to restore just fine. Is there a reason this does not work? Not understanding what the issue is in migrating from one to the other. Then is there any reason I cannot setup Hubconnect on C7 as server and Factory reset C5 and install as a HC Remote Hub?

Yes, that backup transfer works but you still need to reattach your devices to the new hub. The radio database is not transferred. That's the additional piece that is included in the new service they have yet to launch.

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