Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Zigbee Devices


As far I know that are defined at stack level. You can define at stack level your range threshold for check in, short poll, and long poll and if you want the coordinator to support aging of devices (ability to kick the devices out after x amount of failures on check ins).
As far I know you can't change the values of a endpoint device.


What's about a repeater? Changing the value to a Iris plug?


I believe that they are also firmware embebed and can't be changed. I haven't found one that you could.


Cluster 0x0020 is poll control, not all devices support it, and of those that do, not all allow changing the parameters, most do.
For those that do support it, these values can be changed.
For those that have no support, these values are set in the endpoint firmware, and are not set by the hub, stack or in anyway adjustable.


Keith, I'll share my experience. Paired a Mija vibration sensor right next to my tradfri outlet. That sensor did not pair right to the tradfri, it was picked up by my peanut plug in the basement, about 20 feet away. I only know due to my xbee setup. The sensor fell off in 2 hours.

As others have said, we need to cut power to all routers that are not compliant, once I did that my vibration sensor stayed connected over 5 weeks now to the tradfri plug and xbee confirms it's attached to the plug. So with some careful planning xiaomi can work, but don't 100% trust them to protect against a flood or fire, at least I wouldn't at this time


I think a better strategy when using xiaomi is to permanently replace any repeaters that don't support xiaomi devices.

That's what I did, and my devices are working perfectly.

I know not everyone can do that, but I wouldn't implement xiaomi devices at all if I couldn't. Personal opinion, as they are so darn finicky.


Too much hassle for $5.
I applaud all the effort here and one day it might be easier.
For now the ST button is good for me.


Maybe $5 for the button but a lot more difference in price when buying door contacts and motion sensors. Plus they look way better and much smaller


Where are you guys finding these sensors for $5 each? I have been finding them for more?

I wait for sales. I bought 6 sylvania contact sensor off Amazon at 5.85 each with free shipping.

I got a $5 off coupon from eBay and bought this sensor (linked below) from AEON for $3. I'm basically paying for shipping only.

Waiting for sales means I get things slow but I'm able to get both a great price and quality.


I think the $5 is the price difference between 2 devices, not the actual price.


Another sale had them for $5 each as well.
I really like mine, the battery lasts forever, so I got 3 of them.
Shipping was a little pricey but total it will cost less than 1 new.

We'll see what shows up in a week...