Proposal: Open up groups and scenes to all device types

Is there a reason that groups can only be used for lighting related devices? I just bought 8 more 3rd reality shades bringing the total to 11 and it would be really nice to be able to group them by room. Currently I am using virtual buttons but would prefer to use groups. It seems to me that many device types could benefit from groups.

Groups and Scenes were intended for switches, dimmers, and bulbs, so basically lighting, as you note -- just a design choice they made, it seems.

For shades, if that is your only request, I might suggest Room Lighting. It can do everything Groups and Scenes does, plus more, including adding shades to your "groups." See here for how to create similar setups in Room Lighting: How to use Room Lights for Groups


Here's one room I have setup in RL with some Ikea shades. I have an "activator device" setup that I have pushed to my dashboards via Maker so it's a single device.

Snippet of the time table to give you an idea:

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I use an App written by Bruce some time ago, Shade Control, along with a Virtual Shade builds shade groups. You'll have to search for it in the Community which is where I found it. I have three groups of 3rdReality blinds.

I had a similar suggestion some time
Ago. My use case is grouping contact sensors to show if all windows and doors are closed.

That's a space saving idea

This exists...

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