Project : Off-grid? Stand-alone NTP server with GPS

I was thinking with your solution a driver could call the router and get the current time, from a quick look it appears there is an API and you can call it to get the current time.

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Yes that will certainly be possible. For now, I have been fine-tuning a script that runs on the Mikrotik to do the updatetime http call periodically. Ill post it here when its been tested a bit more.

I think in fact the hub still does do a udp/123 ntp call at boot time, perhaps its ignored?

Awesome... I have been working on an NTP driver... But HE does not response to http post calls made to itself...

I have a NTP driver done that can sync the time from a local NTP server, just waiting for the hub release to come out and then I release it.


This is great, I am about half way through writing an NTP client driver also. I have it requesting the time from the server and parsing the reply into a timestamp. Im also awaiting the built in commands to finish it up. Im sure @dan.t 's will be an awesome driver.

Take a look here: