[PROJECT] Enhanced Dashboard App

Bit of a brain dump I compiled some time ago.... the idea being to bring together / expand some of the different projects I have worked on (plus a few more) into a coherent app....

Enhanced Dashboards App

	Create and configure various devices and utilities that add some flair to your HE Dashboards
	- Album Art
		- Create / Link devices
		- Preferences for country and preferred album art sources
	- Image Cycle
		- Include note that some Image Cycle devices are not intended to be managed here, including BOM radar devices
		- Configure default image cycle frequency to apply when creating devices
		- Create / Link devices
		- Configure image url list and update frequency for each image cycle device
        - General iFrame device, plagiarising the efforts of others in this space
	- Simple CSS Editor
		- Create / Link device (only cater for one device atm)
		- Configure lists of fonts, colors and other default settings
	- Status Avatar
		- Create / Link devices
		- Configure avatar image to use, image dimensions and roudning, colours for dots, dot and avatar image url links

	- Dashboard Calendar
		- Create and configure calendars, including accent color for the calendar
		- Create / Link devices for use on dashboards
	- TV EPG Display
		- Create EPG display devices
		- Select channels to display on the EPG tile
		- Configure EPG style / layout for the tile
	- General Media Info
		- Can receive Tasker notifications for content playing on a device, such as a chromecast, media centre / TV, speakers, etc
		- Stores:
			- Channel / App
			- Media Name in 2 parts, e.g. show and episode name
			- 2 Image URLs - 1 for the channel / app, one for the media
		- Implements a switch to indicate if content is being played (not for control)
		- Optional heartbeat to detect loss of communication and clear data
		- Controls?  Could a call be made to Tasker on the mobile / tablet to pause / play and stop the media?  Mute / Unmute?

	Themes / Default Options
		Create dashboard themes, a name / reference that can be used throughout various devices and settings, as well as include settings that can be referenced when the theme is applied
		Create / Link to ED Theme device (allows rules and dashboard control of the current theme being applied)
		Include a "default" theme, allowing settings for that theme to act as more general defaults in other device configuration
		For each theme, configure
			Fonts and colours
			Image / Icon List

Dashboard Pop-Out Pane
	Allows for hidden panes to pop-out based on mouse over or clicking slim-line tile on screen.  Can be used to display small dashboards, menu's, etc.
	- Pop-out and pin options to leave pane displayed

Dashboard Menu

	- List of links displayed in vertical or horizontal formats
	- Two or three level hierarchy option for vertical display
	- Optional icon / image for each link
	- Displayed using Dashboard Pop-Out Pane
	- Formatting options via Simple CSS Editor

Discourse Community Driver
	Provides integration with online community sites that use the Discourse platform
	- Notifications
		E.g. Replies, mentions, likes, personal messages, etc
	- Feed of Latest Topic Updates

Looks very interesting! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I'm always looking for something better, different, and more user-definable.

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Much / some are already available, in various levels of completeness... more of an incentive for me to deliver what I want to.... :slight_smile:

Plus an incentive to find a graphing alternative..... but that is more of a teaser than something I can deliver...

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I'm still slightly interested in a graphing alternative. I've just decided having live on my hubs probably isn't the best idea. So I'm researching NSA's and how I might be able to use them because there are a few other things I think I could do with them. Im looking for a cloud type storage for personal use (getting it away from Microsoft control), Graphing, Weather and maybe playing with Node red. Could I do all of that on the same NSA?

As someone who makes a living out of enterprise data and visualisation solutions, including those in the cloud, my preference is for solutions separate to the day-to-day system, i.e. the HE hub

But I also feel there is a market for presenting a limited history of events.

Fortunately for me, at work, I often have team(s) behind me handling support of the system I contribute to.... I could ask nicely... I might even get some of them to help with my HE solutions.... Otherwise I need to live up to the popular solution Tom produced.

But seriously... Probably down the list of what I was proposing with this thread.... an app that brings together my CSS editor and other drivers is more what I was wanting to achieve. Charting will come a close second, but likely some time before it would become a reality.... unfortunately.

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Hmmm, I think I need to take a look at that CSS Editor. That one slipped by my radar!

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