[PROJECT] Driver for WeatherFlow API

@james.allman: You can disable the children if you want. The benefit is allowing you to choose if you DO have more than one device. Also, some things (HD+ for example) only create one tile per device. So you can use the WeatherFlow parent for some values and the Station child for others.

@TArman - I think it is a TOUCH off to recommend using someone else's driver in a driver's thread, since it is not like this is defunct...


Would it be possible to emit TimestampEpoch as an event instead of a state? My use case is to control fans/water chilling based on outside temperature, but I need to fallback to time based control if the Tempest station is offline for any reason.

So if "TimestampEpoch" is an event instead of a state, I can use Rule Machine to check the latest update timestamp and set a global liveness variable that allows me to either a) control fans based on temp or b) control based on time ranges as a fallback.

(Note: Rule Machine seems to allow you to see states as device attributes, but always shows a "null" value. When I change the code to emit an event, Rule Machine is properly able to see the latest value.)

Sure, I can switch that over to an attribute/event. Unfortunately, I am away from home/computer for the week so I will not be able to make the change until I get back next week.

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Awesome, thanks!!

Updated Version(s):

  • WeatherFlow.groovy = 0.4.15
  • WeatherSensorChild.groovy = 0.8.16


  • TimestampEpoch is now posted as an event, not a state anymore. So it will be able to be used as an attribute from the device(s).
  • TimestampEpoch and TimestampString have been added as attributes to the child driver, but they already existed in the parent driver.
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@snell :+1:

Mind sharing your rule for fans once you have it completed? Thank you.