[PROJECT] Driver for Snapmaker 2.0

New project time. I am finishing up the basics on a driver that monitors your Snapmaker 2.0. For those that do not know, this is a 3-in-1 device that can 3D print, CNC, and lase. You can check out their website for more information if you want. Anyways, this new version of Snapmaker can connect to Wi-Fi and they have an API to check it for data.

The driver I am working on connects to the device, gets the token needed, then regularly polls it for information with the token. Connection is a bit problematic at this time because their current firmware requires someone to manually confirm the connection at the touch screen. After that though, it will remain going. The driver also allows for disconnecting it and sending a connect command again (but again, someone needs to confirm it at the device). This connection confirmation is something they have apparently heard a lot of feedback on, so it may be easier in a future firmware.

It is not quite ready to be published yet but it is very close. I just want to give it a bit longer to make sure I do not find anything else. Plus I have learned (as usual) a couple more things to correct in my existing drivers as a result.

Anyways... The reason I am posting already (without the driver in hand) is to see, is anyone interested? Does anyone here have a Snapmaker 2.0 and want to monitor it (at all) with their Hubitat?


Cool. That looks like a real nice 3D printer.

So far mine has behaved pretty well. The original Snapmaker basically has always worked very well (besides issues loading filament) and the 2.0 was a substantial improvement in most ways, but the huge build area is awesome.

There are still teething problems and bugs they are working out with the firmware, but they actually seem to listen well and the hardware quality is excellent in my opinion.

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Would you recommend it as a users 1st 3D printer ??

I probably would not recommend one of the larger models as a first printer unless someone really has a need for such a large build area. But for general use, I would love to have been able to buy one of these back when I was first starting.

That being said... There are simpler and far cheaper ones out there (or kits for even cheaper). A lot of it depends on how willing to DIY you are, how experimental you are, what you really want to make out of these things... If you only want a 3D printer, there may other good options. Or maybe you just want a CNC... or laser... A single, focused device could be best. Of the multi-tool devices I have read about? Snapmaker is the way to go.

Right now they are pretty backed up fulfilling the Kickstarter awards (due to delays in Chinese manufacturing) but you can still check out there forums and get a feel for it. Plus if you do not need it right now you can give it time to get rid of some of the current bugs. :slight_smile: