[PROJECT] Driver for Securifi Sensors

OK... It definitely knew the long press but again took it as 3 of them, reporting them back over 4 seconds. I cannot work the code until I get home tonight but that is definitely strange and not something I saw from mine. Unless I find a bug in my code I will have to make a workaround to handle those.

One last request... Can you capture a double press for me? Curious how it would report that after seeing these two.

well i tried the double tap twice, some what fast the first time and a little slower the second time. got this

As for the DWS i removed it and re added it while being closer to the hub. It was still doing the same thing. I ended up resetting the tamper and lone behold the contact popped up. Seems to be working now :blush:

And no rush on the clicks. Im still moving things over to HE. I was considering selling them on ebay, considering they didnt make to many of them from what i can tell, vary hard to find. Might be able to make an extra few bucks and buy a few smarthings buttons. Tho the one i have is a hit an miss as well, i think it takes a few pushes to wake it up sometimes. I just like the overall build of them compared to the clicks.

The double click (both of them) reported something different so that must be a bug on my part not recognizing them. Not sure why, I will have to compare it to what mine reports maybe they have slightly different firmware, who knows. I will get an update done tonight and posted, at LEAST, for this. The repeats for short and long might take more if I do not spot something obvious. I think I am going to separate the buttons into their own driver to make life easier for users (and more accurate to their capabilities, so the tamper would go away).

For the DWS, glad that is working now.

Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. If you have any requests/enhancements (besides getting them to work properly) or such, let me know.

Ok... I could not find anything for the triple hit at this time, cannot replicate it on my Click or Keyfobs oddly... but I did not think that one would be as easy. I made a SLIGHT change to the way it handles Double Presses so that should show up differently.

I have updated the SecurifiSensors.groovy but I also made a new file, SecurifiButtons.groovy that will be only for the button-type devices and excludes the tamper portion. At some point I will make a project page for that one separate, but here is the link to it for now.

I have deprecated buttons from the Securifi Sensors driver and split them into two separate new drivers:
Almond Click
Securifi KeyFob

All of my ZigBee-based drivers have been updated because I found problems with my ClusterId detection, fingerprinting, and more...
As of today (August 16th, 2019) they are at:
Securifi Sensors (everything but the Click & Keyfob, although the WTD will not work since I do not have one to base it on) = v0.91
Almond Click = v0.2
Securifi Keyfob = v0.3

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@snell Just a quick note to say thank you, all appears to be functioning fine with my keyfob using your V0.3 driver

Edit: What does this mean?


If you press the same button, a state variable "ButtonPresses" is incremented. That preference lets you determine how high the number gets before it "rolls over" on the next press.

OK, I'm reading your answer, and I do not understand anything! (I'll blame it being Monday!)

Can you give a practical use for this?
Or, what is the purpose of this?


Mainly as a workaround to lack of buttons. Have something trigger on lock button, dim 20%. If it was pressed again (2) up to 40%. 3rd press, 100%. 4th, off.

@snell I switched to the seperate button controller the other day with one of my clicks and it has been working great now, nice work! Thanks .... I noticed the other day that that the dws04 never updates it temperature. I haven’t switched the driver to those yet so idk if that will help with that or not? The only update I get is the battery voltage a few times a day. ?

The newer driver might help. I do not have them in front of me but Securifi's older door/window sensor only "sometimes" did temperature. Some came out of the factory doing it, some did not (so it was explained to me when one started reporting temperature and others never did). Regardless, the newer version should be better.

Good to hear the Click is working well now. Let me know if anything comes up.

@snell I'll have to check this driver out when I get around to switching my devices over... I have a lot of these around.

I know I have some changes to make to them, as I have learned a couple things... So any feedback is appreciated.

New versions posted of the Almond Click (0.3) and Keyfob (0.4) drivers.
Only change was that they now do a sendEvent with the ButtonPresses attribute I created. Does not have much use if Dashboards and Rules cannot see it.

Having a weird scenario, unless this is expected behavior, if I have a rule for single press and a rule for double tap, when I double tap both rules will fire.

I will take a look at mine tonight to see if I can replicate. If it is convenient, what does the debug log say it is doing? Does it show a single before the double tap?

Fractions of a second before.