Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2022 [NOMINATIONS]

Despite some people saying that it's what didn't happen that matter most this year, still, 2022 has been, a very exciting year for the smart homes.

With four major releases this year, our engineers have been as busy as ever testing new integrations and devices. They have added numerous new devices and fine tuned countless drivers for the existing ones.

Over the coming few weeks we'll recap what mattered most in 2022 to our users and conclude with the Product of the Year elevated by Hubitat in 2022, as selected by our customers.

If you'd like to nominate a specific smart home device that is compatible with Hubitat Elevation, and exceeded your expectations this year, in terms of reliability and ease of use, please drop a comment below* with the make and model of your favorite device.

The products that receive most likes will be selected for the top 10 Product of the Year in 2022 poll.

*NOTE: please use the comments below to nominate one product/reply. If you'd like to nominate multiple devices, please add a comment for each product.

For comments that are not nominating a product, please visit this thread.


I'll jump in with one. The Fibaro Smart Implant

I'm using two, one for pool solar, and the other in an automated ventilation setup. They have been rock solid and reliable. I am using remote temp sensors (five per unit) as well as the onboard dry contact relay functions. This device makes reliable temperature sensing with inexpensive DS18B20 external probes pretty much plug and play with Hubitat. They are relatively inexpensive and function reliably as zWave repeaters as well.


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Lutron Pico (specifically the Pico, not the switches or dimmers).

They are inexpensive, versatile, and are simply workhorses that never quit or fail to work as designed.


Ecowitt weather station and sensors. The weather stations are relatively inexpensive, integrate locally with Hubitat using either one of two community integrations (by @sburke781 and @snell).

The sensors are very versatile, and include sensors in categories that are not available (or unreliable) in zigbee/z-wave versions. Like a leaf wetness sensor, or soil moisture sensors.


Kasa Outdoor Plugs single, dual and dimmer. Now with built in drivers. :fireworks:
Hmm pick one, I guess the separately controllable dual outlet is the best value (regularly under $20CDN) and my favourite.


Anything Third Reality because its time for AAA battery sensors to rule the world. Death to the button/cell battery!!!

If I must nominate just one device than I nominate the Third Reality temp/humidity sensor. It just works, its cheap, it actually follows zigbee spec so generic driver works, it never disconnects, it has a small display, and best if all it uses AAA batteries! What more could you ssk for?

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Digital LCD Display, ZigBee Hub Required, App Records, Remote Monitoring and Smart Home Automation, AAA Batteries Included


SonOff USB Dongle...takes a little work to flash it to router FW, but once it's set up it's an amazing Zigbee repeater on steroids.


2022 was the year when the first mmWave Zigbee radars became available on the home automation customers market.

I will nominate Aqara FP1 Human Presence Sensor as a product of the year.


This technology is transformative, so I’m with you 100%.



Of all the gear I've bought this year, ThirdReality products have been my favourites.

Smart outlets, motion sensors, smart buttons, and most recently, the temperature and humidity sensors.


Ditto for Ecowitt (local).


I’d nominate the Kwikset Convert Zigbee 3.0 for existing deadbolts. This was an inexpensive addition to my collection of Kwikset Zigbee 914 & 916 locks where I had no want for a keypad and it has many improvements over the previous generation besides zigbee 3.0. I’ll also echo previous posts that the Linkind leak sensor and contact sensor have been solid, inexpensive additions to my smart home. Also, while not on the compatible devices list, the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 dongles have greatly increased the durability of my Zigbee mesh networks. I

I nominate the Sonoff ZBMINI-L smart switch. These are great for homes with no neutral wire.

(ZBMINI-L - SONOFF Official)


And Ambient weather stations and sensors, which are similar (if not identical) hardware for the station and sensors. It also uses integrates locally with Hubitat using the same integration by @snell.


I'll throw out Homekit integration :stuck_out_tongue: and Lifx


I nominate Inovelli’s Blue Series 2-1 switch.

They had a bad batch, but those that were not part of this unfortunate batch are really awesome switches!


Glad to see Ecowitt here as I just ordered the WH45 and gateway based on forum comments on the integration...


I'm also going to throw out Weatherflow Tempest


Also have a Tempest and really love it! It just works!


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