Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2021

I may have missed something? I was talking about EweLink bulbs? I don't use centralite sensors but that is good information to know thanks!

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Sorry to dump on the Centralite 3328-C/G/M units but I've had nothing but trouble with them. I have three of the 3328-G units, two manufactured in China and one in Mexico (which has a different, exceedingly flimsy plastic battery tray) and they just weren't reliable for my application (temperature sensing.) This is even accounting for the +/-5F variance between units that required individual temp offsets in the HE driver.

They originally paired OK but two units failed to report reliably at outside temps below 32F, they won't go through their factory reset procedure anymore (required for reliable exclusion and reinclusion), and they burned through those 3V CR2450 cells like crazy. Centralite support is non-existent, with disconnected support phone #s, broken trouble-ticket submission and inability to search their knowledgebase. Everything useful I know about them I had to glean from Google searches. One unit is still working but I'm going to have to write off the sixty bucks I spent on Amazon for the other two; now open to suggestions for alternative sensors in the $25 range that can handle freezing temperatures.

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Sorry, I should have replied to the OP! I re-submitted my comment, hopefully it will thread correctly.

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I wanted to wait until this closed to comment as to not a) jinx ourselves and b) keep things unbiased and impartial.

But, from the bottom of my (and I'm sure @ericm's) heart -- thank you so much for the honor of having the best product in 2021. This is actually really exciting and I've been refreshing the page daily (like a loser lol) to see where we stand. I've passed this and the switch poll results onto our manufacturer to let them know what an incredible job they've done taking our vision (and by, "our" I mean the Inovelli team and the countless number of people in our community who we built this switch line with and who have pushed us to improve it) and bringing it to reality.

So, thanks again for the votes and for being such an amazing community. We have a lot of work to do to continue to improve and hope to come back and win in 2022 with our Blue Series (shameless plug, I know).


Man, I am blown away! Thank you everyone for the support and we look forward to bringing more great smart home products to the the Hubitat community in the future!


Thank you everyone who participated in the 2021 Year in Review series. In case you missed the winners of each of the 12 categories covered in 2021, check out the Special Edition of Hubitat Live! that features commentary by our Z-Wave and Zigbee specialists.

Congrats to the winners of the Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2021. We are all looking forward to what 2022 might bring!

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