Problems with Sylvania Dimmer Switch Button Controller

For a month now I have seen in the logs that button 2 has been pushed manually yet no one is home or I haven't touch it.

Anyone else seeing this with Sylvania Dimmer Switch Button Controller ? Also lights that are using the same dimmer button and DH are also turning off by itself.

[app:2]2019-02-25 09:48:03.694 pm infoArmed Home

[app:2]2019-02-25 09:47:27.453 pm infoDisarmed

[app:2]2019-02-25 09:47:27.359 pm warndisarmButtonHandler evt:2

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Is there a coresponding button pushed event in the device log for the switch?

Yes its 2

I've seen the same thing on FW 2.0.5, it seems to happen every 12 or so hours. I've just updated to 2.0.6 so I'll wait a day or so to see if they are gone.

I still had them so I finally deleted all HSM rules that used the button and all lights using buttons #2.

BTW it's only PUSH that is affected not held.

I am also having this issue. I have never physically (or digitally) triggered any of these presses. I updated to 2.0.6 yesterday.

Also seeing the same behavior on the other Sylvania switch I have.

@mike.maxwell I used a custom driver to check this at it appears these "button presses" are coming in with isClusterSpecific=false,. Could they be filtered out? As far as I can tell real button presses always have isClusterSpecific=true.

I've also seen this happen with hold events.


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I'll look into this...


Thanks @mike.maxwell @mlciskey -- I thought HE might have had a poltergeist or I was losing my mind.

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Just adding that I've had this same issue - was disarming HSM at random times. Always button 2, and likewise started with 2.0.5. It's my "backup" to disarm if things go crazy, thought maybe the dog was somehow hitting it :joy:

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Thanks for creating this thread. Iโ€™m still on 2.0.4 but Iโ€™m thinking I need to hold off on updating for the time being. I have two of these devices controlling lights in my living room. If the lights start randomly turning off when a phantom button two is pushed, thatโ€™s not going to go over well!

this will be fixed in 2.0.7