Problems with Scene Creation and Blue colors & temperatures

Hmmm.... This is driving me crazy. I've been trying to setup a scene (for me to assign to one of the scene buttons on my new ZB-5028 remote).... And, I want to set the color temperature and level for the bulbs in my family.... The lights automatically turn on/off with modes and illumination, etc. The bulbs are Sylvania RGBW bubs, if that makes a difference.

Ok, when I go in to create a scene, I select the bulbs from the "Select color and color temperature bulbs for scene," the window processes my selection (green wheel spins on the top right for a bit), and then...... Nada. I've saved the scene and gone back in.... Still, nothing. How am I supposed to specify the color temperature?

Thatโ€™s not quite how the scenes app works.

Take a look at the hub documentation:

If you have any follow-up questions after, ask away.

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