Problems with Input Enum and Multiple

so I have this input for a device

input name: "enabledButtons", type: "enum", title: "Buttons to Enable", multiple: true, options: ["Play","Home","Back","FindRemote"]

but when I pull it up in the hubitat UI it only allows me to select one of the options not multiple.
am I doing this wrong or is this not supported.

My hub it running the most recent version as of this posting

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I just tried this exact code in a minimal app "skeleton" I have and it works for me. Have you tried a different browser to make sure it's not a problem there? The "original" Edge is a notable player that isn't officially supported; recent versions of Firefox (this is what I tested with), Chrome, and Safari should all work.

I am using chrome. I noticed you mentioned putting it in a app not a device. I wonder if this is not supported in devices?