Problems turning on zigbee switch

Hi there...

Ive been tracking this problem on my C7 and now on C8 (which the issue appears to be more prominent).

When I turn on a switch, the switch does NOT physically turn on, at times.. this is sporadic and I cannot determine the pattern or reason..

The light switch is a a zigbee GE 45856 and Im turning it on with a Webcore Piston or Rule Machine - same behaviour.

Heres the event log when the light turns on (no issue)

When the issue manifests, the "command-on" is recorded in the events but the "switch" is not.

any ideas ?

You mentioned the problem happened on the C7 as well as the C8. It's a bit tough on the C8 to diagnose because of the problems people are reporting with the C8 and though I am guessing your issue is not related it's a bit hard to see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

Is your zigbee mesh otherwise in good shape? Other devices working fine and no other weirdness? I think I might try resetting and air-gapping the switch and then try pairing it again. If that re-pairing works but the problem doesn't go away I might try replacing the switch.

Brad, thanks for the advice.. I will try.. btw its multiple switches like 10 of them, randomly, and I cant determine if there is any pattern to when they work or not..

what is air-gapping ??

There should be a little tab that you can pull out somewhere that completely kills power to the switch. Normally it’s along the bottom of the trim on GE switches, but I don’t see it on your model. Sometimes you pull out the top or bottom rocker to do this. If there’s nothing else critical on the circuit, you could also just kill the breaker at the mains.

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Thanks brad.. i think my issue maybe my driver... Im using "generic zigbee switch" and "GE Zigbee switch". Both drivers produce the same issue, randomly..

Heres the only pattern that i can find :

when a switch stops responding (through Webcore or RM), I then try the HE Dashboard to toggle it.. sometimes this works !! If not, I reload the driver from "generic zigbee switch" to "GE Zigbee switch" or vica versa.. That corrects the problem for a little while but then the issue resurfaces..

This really sounds like an issue with the signal not getting to the switch. Which Zigbee channel are you using? The preferred ones are 20 and 25 to avoid interference with most Wifi signal. Are you in an area where you have neighbors close by that could also have strong signal? If so, that could also be part of the issue.

On the C-8, you have an option to increase the signal strength (in the same screen as where the channel is set). Increasing this could help, though it could cause interference with your Wifi depending on the channels used…

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yes i'm using 20 and 25 (2 diff HE's).. heres the weird part.. i have 2 switches - side-by-side.. one goes off but the other doesnt.. same switches - same trigger code (webcore or RM).

That definitely sounds like a signal issue, but not sure what the next steps would be - it does sound like you have done what needed to be done…

I have some switches in similar situations, though using Z-Wave, where one of the switches will respond and another won’t. This usually happens, in my case, when I try to do too much at the same time and I overwhelm the mesh…