Problem with updates for my hub

When a update is pushed out, some random thing within my home stops working. I no longer see the red flag in the upper RH corner unless I reboot the hub. This has been going on for probably 6 months or so. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Could you explain bit more what your issues are please?

The pole that flags for a update always reaches out on a reboot and gets updated if needed but can take a while if not.

Devices not working?

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The notification in the upper right corner doesn't affect hub's functionality in any way. Hubitat doesn't push updates to users' hubs without their explicit agreement that they are ready to update their hub. Unlike other companies, we give our users complete control over when changes should be made to their environment.

With that being said, if you could provide more details on the issues you have been experiencing over the past few months, we would be more than happy to help you troubleshoot them.

The primary function of my hub is being a security system. Its a very small set up. I only have 10 z-wave outlets/light switches, a Konnected Pro board, Nano mote, Siren 6 & Ecolink tilt sensor. The hub & Konnected board are on battery back ups. The Konnected board is used for window sensors one motion sensor & garage door control. 6 months or so ago I had a issue with a update that locked up the hub. I let it set for about a hour before pulling the plug & letting it set for 5 min. I plugged it back in and it rebooted fine and I didn't think nothing else about it. One night soon after I noticed that a simple light automation (light turning on when a door was opened) wasn't working. I rebooted the hub and got a update notification (which was not there before). So for the last 6 months, when something stops working, I know there is a update available. I have observed this behavior for 6 months. System updates being available is the only time it happens.