Problem with telnet with newer apc 9640 9641 net cards.. parse never called

see below. with these newer cards telnet works fine manually but from the hubitat it seems to hang and the parse method is never called..


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interestingly enough if i call parse myself immediately after the connect without waiting for a response it stays open and the ups itself shows a log in.. but nothing further comes back

it is as though the buffer is overrunnign or something and nothing ever is passed to the parse method. is my hubitat. see below..

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@gopher.ny any thoughts?

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i also already tried a different cable and even plugged it into a port direct on my router.. so its not the cable or switch.. anyway if it was that it most likely wouldnt work manually from a command prompt. another ups on the same switch (older 9631 card) works fine.

So it is some incompatibility between those specific cards and hubitat..

Searching on the web shows no one else complaining about telnet issues with these cards, but again how many people really use the telnet interface in such a manner?

Can you point me to the driver code, on the off chance that something jumps out?
Also, the hub connecting to those APC devices is running the latest version ( at the time of writing), right?

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correct will latest .. code is here before i made any modifications..

slightly newer version i have changed inteteger params to number and added range to it.. so it enforces 1..59 minutes but thats it.

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PM me if you want me to open up my firewall so you can test out the telnet stuff. I just need whatever IP you're coming from

also can do the same here.. i have a 9641 i can open up..

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I also can open up a port to a different ups with a 9631 card so you can see it working.

any update on testing this.. do you need anything from us @gopher.ny


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