Problem with Sonos Driver

I am trying to add Speakers again via Sonos Integration app:

Clocking on Done button did not add speakers.
In a past I added them manually.
Should I do manual inclusion again?

You shouldn't have to do a manual setup. Please describe your lan network setup.

I have many MP3 files.
All worked just fine with 2.2.8
All stopped playing back with

Network setup is very simple.
Everything is on a single LAN

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Sonos is setup via Ethernet? or wifi...

WiFi from day number 1

Please setup one speaker on ethernet and see if integration discovery and mp3 play works.

I forgot to mention, if you revert to 2.2.8 does everything work?

I will try this tomorrow.
But please keep in mind, rules like this are still working fine:

But rules like this (basically all based on MP3 files) stopped after upgrading to

Why suddenly it could be a network related problem?

If discovery doesn't work then something isn't right.
I'm just going the process of elimination

The Discovery actually works (I guess).
Both my speakers are discovered and selected:

But when I am clicking on the Done button nothing happens.
Speakers are not added to the Device list.

The Discovery did not work when I initially added speakers about
5-6 month ago. So I added them manually.
And they are still partially working (please see my messages above).
I can try cable connection tomorrow but I am sure this is not a problem.

I figured out what I was doing wrong (i did not remove existing device).
Now I added successfully just one speaker via Sonos Integration built-in app.
Speaker is added but it still does not play URI:
But Speak Button works just fine - I can hear "Speaker Test" play back:

If you revert to 2.2.8 does everything work as expected?

If revert back to 2.2.8 I am sure it will work but I will not be able to test 2.2.9
I have C-5 idling but still online.
I will try to update C-5 to the latest 2.2.9 and see what happens.


  • Updated my idle C-5 to the
  • Uploaded one MP3 file
  • Attempted to play this file from the Device page with Play Track button
    File did not play.
  • Attempted to use Speak button

Here is a related log:

Ok so revert that spare hub to 2.2.8 and verify everything works.

My preference will be to revert back to 2.2.8 my main C-7
and play with 2.2.9 on spare C-5.
Will it be OK for the debugging?
The reason is: my wife wants all announcements back.

Sure. Just trying to verify that its an issue with 2.2.9. Doesn't matter which hub

I'm guessing someone would have mentioned this already it it did matter (and it doesn't seem to matter for Bruce, so probably not), but does using port 8080 instead of the default (80) in your Play Track URL happen to do anything different? It can't hurt, in any case--alternate port in Hubitat for the same thing.

Reverted C-7 back to
Speakers are back to normal and working fine.
So, the problem is clearly pointed to 2.2.9137 HE SW, no doubts.

Attempt to update spare C-5 to the latest resulted
in never ending "reboot in progress" and blue LED on a hub.
Recycling power brought C-5 hub back to live.
Tested Speaker and it did not work. But this was expected.

Ok thanks, we will get to the bottom of this.

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