Problem with Disabled On by Switch

The Kitchen lights where effectively coming on/off based on motion and ignoring the switch that should disable on, KitchenDullFlag is set by the outside lux level against a threshold, normally switches off after dawn and on again around dusk.

Logging shows the light being switched on regardless of KitchenDullFlag which was off until the KitchenDullFlag was set on and then off. After this the app performed as expected.

Is it something that I have configured incorrectly?

Please import this into Room Lighting. That should fix the problem, or at least shed more light on just what is going on.

Thank for the advice to import into RM which I have done and will monitor.

I noted that the import was not complete. The Means to Turn Off lights did not have the 'Switch turns off' and 'Button is pressed' ticked after the import. Ticking the boxes however showed the options correctly transferred without completing manually.

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