Problem with Cloud Dashboard

Local Dashboard works fine on the same LAN but the Cloud Dashboard gets "No response from hub" on all remote devices.

That means you can't reach your hub. So check your ISP, and connection to the hub and try rebooting the hub.

Do I need to open certain ports in the firewall for it to work? It worked at one time but this may be a different router.

No. The hub just needs to be able to connect to the Hubitat Cloud Endpoint server.

If you did change your router, it is a good idea to add a DHCP IP Address Reservation for the Hubitat Elevation Hub. This will prevent your Hub's LAN IP address from changing. It shoudl eventually reconnect to the cloud endpoint, and update its LAN address, but you can speed this process up by safely rebooting your HE hub via the Settings Menu.

Did you ever register your hub? Can you see it at

Yes and I can see my hub with the correct local IP.

And it's registered? Try rebooting the hub in settings.

I just thought of something. My hub went bad a few weeks ago and you guys replaced it for me. Could I be seeing he old hub? I'm guessing I may need to delete and register the new one?

Did you restore from backup on the new hub or start clean?

Started clean. Didn't have many items set up and hadn't made a backup.

if you go to hub settings, register (if on 2.1.3+) does it show any emails registered?

/hub/register if can't find it.

You mean when I'm logged into it on the LAN right?


I'll have to check it when I get home and will let you know. Thanks for the help on this!

My correct email shows registered. Could I need to remove the current hub registration and re-register this hub? I thing the current registration was made with the hub that went bad and has been replaced.

As long as your email is linked to the hub, you should be fine.

Do you see any cloud unavailable messages on the hub, top right there is an icon for messages. Click it and see.

There was a hub update available. We applied it and the Cloud dashboard link started working. :smile:
We should be good for now. Thanks for the help.