Problem with between two date rule

I have two rules to open my Dining room blinds. I want the blind to open fully during the winter months and open half way during the summer months. The rules have a trigger of sunrise. The winter action is open the Dining room blinds fully with a condition of between October 15 and May 14. The summer action is open the Dining room blinds to 50% with a condition of between May and October 14. Both rules have been activated so the blind is raised fully in the morning. I turned on logging and it shows both rules activated and ran.

can you post screenshots of the rules?

Winter rules

Summer rules

Although you have created a condition of your dates, you are not actually defining it in your actions.
your dates.
Your actions.

You can combine into one rule if you wish.

Your date of summer.
Open half way.
Open fully.

You only need one rule if you use the condition also.

IF Between October 15 & May 14 then
Raise Shades
Position shades to 50

Changed to one rule that looks like this:

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Looks good to me. :+1: