Problem with .118?

I updated to .118 without issue.

I use the Hub Information Driver v3 and Hub Monitor apps.

I'm getting constant reminders that there's an update, even though it's been applied.

Went to check the Hub Information Driver device to see its values and I'm greeted by the Hub Reboot text displaying on the Device page.

You should be able to scroll down the page and hit configure or refresh to fix it. I have seen that screen in the past and that is how I fixed it.

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The page was auto-refreshing on it's own.

I eventually managed to click on configure and got it resolved.

First time that's ever happened for me on an update.

It’s caused by the driver doing a data query before the hub has completely initialized. Normally this gets trapped and handled so I need to relook at that section of code to see how this slipped through.