Problem when I restored from Hubitat to yesterdays backup

Earlier today I updated to the latest

Then, due to some issues configuring a new app, I rolled back to yesterdays backup.

My last systemStart says:
System startup with build:

But my settings->Hub Info says I'm on I'm unable to update now, as it already thinks I'm on that version. Yet if I look for the new devices like Nue Zigbee Fan Controller etc, I dont see them, so I'm pretty sure it's not on

Any ideas how to resolve this?

There's two "backups"

One is JUST the DB.. in other words, your unique and personal information. Devices, names of devices, Apps, etc. Every reboot creates a new one, etc. and you can click in Settings -> Backup and Restore, to get backups to your PC.

The other is the Platform. The Hub holds 2-3 versions of the Platform code. You can't save those.

When you restore a DB, it restores to the current Platform code.

If you wish to roll back to a prior Platform, you go to the same Backup and Restore page, but right above the table of DB Backups is:


Click that and you can roll back the Platform version.


Thanks that explains the settings->Hub Info version. Bit confusing it starts up with SystemStart giving the wrong version after a restore.

Doesnt explain why I cant see the new devices the release note mentioned, like the Nue Zigbee Fan Controller and Hue Smart Button. The release note mentioned there were new drivers for these, so I was expecting to see them in the Device Type dropdown. Should I be able to see these?

As long as you are running a Platform version with the drivers baked in, yes you should see them. I do:


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Something seems to have gone wrong with the restore then.

Mine shows:

Oddly it resolved itself after a reboot, and the drivers showed and the systemStart message listed the correct build as well.