Problem starting mobile app

Everytime I start the mobile app it got stuck at the hubitat logo screen. I need to press the back button on the phone a couple of times and then it loads the dashboard list.

Is this a common issue or is it just related to my Xiaomi Android phone? It's annoying because it takes a lot of time to load the app. Specially annoying when coming home and trying to disarm.

As a new user i noticed exactly the same. It is indeed annoying if you want to check or switch something at that moment.
As a workaround i created two links (one to the homepage of the hub and one to the dashboard) on my home screen with Chrome. Works instantly (only local of course).

FWIW... No problems here on an Apple SE (old version), Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7 and a Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

Hubitat app loads up and displays all my dashboards.

You can create cloud shortcut links as well, I use several of both. See my post here about half way down "Dashboard Access". I prefer direct links for dashboards and use the app for other admin related stuff

Doesn't start at all on my wife's Oppo phone. Reported it months ago but unfortunately with no response.

In some ways, it seems like this approach seems to work better and faster than the mobile app if all you're trying to do is access your dashboards.

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Yes, but that doesn't provide any geosensing for presence which is a key reason to use the app. Also, no notifications capability.

They really need to fix this app to make it work reliably on more devices!

After the app has been started once the geo sensing and notifications work like a charm. At least, in my case it does.

This works for me also. The geosensing and notifications work after I have signed in to the app.

But the app still got problems. I don't think it's meant to work like this. Sign into the app to be able to receive notifications and then using the browser to access the dashboards :thinking:.

My point is that on my wife's Oppo, the app won't even start.