Problem after loss of power

The power in our home dropped out for a very brief period of time last night and after it came back up my Hubitat didn't power up. I've tried unplugging it re-plugging it, I even try to different power supply yet it doesn't respond and the light never comes on? Any suggestions on how to get it to power up?

It's only about 4 months old and I'm beginning to really use it so I'm hoping it's not dead.

Contact @support_team and they can assist you.

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Sounds like when the power came back, brought a surge with it. Do you happen to have the hub on a power surge protector?

I've already sent them an email, I just thought that maybe I could get an answer quicker here.

Yes, I have a surge protector. I'm just wondering how much of a surge it would take. Nothing else on that protector had any issues including a Orbi satellite hub.

Not sure, but I know is not common. Be sure to file a warranty claim by visiting this page:

Or this page if you have Hub Protect:


I'll certainly try that, I'm out of the 90 day warranty but it's certainly worth a try.

And you did! @bobbyd IS support!