Probably a smart move for Phillips Hue


Not shocking, right? And agree...better to get it right than to get it quick.


They're all abandoning it like the rats on the Titanic. Quelle surprise and I'll bet money that behind the scenes Apple has something to do with it. This won't be the first time they've created a standard, got people interested, and had a case of everyone legging it when they realise they're going to end up beholden to the Jobsian reich, and more importantly paying for the privilege.
Its kind of depressing but it seems far too common when Apple are involved - like the Apple clone palaver with the PowerPC machines. The whole point was interoperability, ironically (PPC could run windows & Mac OS (up to 9.3 if I remember)), Apple suggested it, various companies jumped at the chance, invested multimillions, and then Cr-Apple pulled the rug out from under people and bankrupted companies left and right, doing their usual thing of destroying jobs, careers and families.
One of the many reasons I won't touch or support any thing they make, the razorblade beige macs were another...
They leave a trail of destruction wherever they go and whatever they touch.

Vile bunch of people.

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Isn't HE the same as matter? I can get a sonoff sensor tell a Kasa switch to turn on and off. I have a feeling that the bigger companies will hide their matter in hub anyway.

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Ummm no.. .HE is hardware, matter is a protocol...

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Yeah completely agree! Why rush something to production with known issues when a little more testing and development will make for a much better customer experience. Other manufacturers could learn something from Hue's approach.

You realize customers want products that work, right? Not non-existent perfect products? How many thousands of millionaires has just the success of the iPhone created? So vile, all those many people satisfying all those customers. Motorola could have run the world! Now their headquarters property is split up, partly as a golf driving range. No more Six Sigma for you! You may get your RISC processors back if the ARM people go crazy with their licensing fee increases.

And, IIRC lots of the app layer code is contributed from the Zigbee group. Apple's code contribution relates mostly to the onboarding process.


Anything to support that conclusion other than your obvious disdain for Apple?


Billionaires may get the headlines, but society reaps the benefits. According to William Nordhaus, economics Nobel 2018, innovators capture a very small portion of the social surplus of their innovations - 2.2% according to his estimate. When you look at how people use iPhones it's not hard to to believe that small percentage.

I should have said the same results can be achieved. I don't think Matter is going to be the "Holy Grail " of home automations like everyone thinks it will.

One thing not noted in the first article is that Signify is also working on increasing functionality. The example used is eliminating popcorning when used with Siri

LOL that was literally last century. Your grudge is old enough to rent a car.

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Many Hue devices are used by homeowners who know little or nothing about home automation. When Hubitat Elevation introduced the C8 hub, some users encountered difficulties, but with a little effort and patience, most of those issue have been resolved. However, as a whole, Hubitat users are a tech savvy group who understand the difference between Z-wave, Zigbee ZLL, Zigbee ZHA, Bluetooth and WiFI. I suspect many users of Hue devices know how to use an app on their Smartphone, but have no idea how the app is interacting with their Hue devices. Unless the Phillips Hue implementation of Matter is flawless, users are going to be irate as many do not have the technical skills to deal with the issues.

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I don't think it will be the "holy grail" but I do think it will open up access to things. I mean I see a lot of neat devices that are wifi/cloud only so I don't buy them. Should matter/thread prevail, that opens up a lot of things to bring into hubitat like that and control/info is kept local. I think any protocol that gives local access to another pool of devices is a good thing. That said it's currently a shiteshow with onboarding with apple probably doing the best job (which is not saying a whole lot). It certainly needs to mature that is if it doesn't stall out first...

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Apple are driving this protocol, look at any YouTube channel dealing with it. They've been driving this the whole time. I doubt it's a coincidence that their gear seems to work best with it, while other manufacturers stuff is flakier than a lepers crotch or they're jumping over the side like crewers on the KMS Bismarck.
Do I have physical evidence, no. That would involve me with Apple and yes, I loathe the company - they have evil written through them like Blackpool Rock.
Its just my suspicion but a couple of points. First, I'm the second most intelligent person I've met. Second I'm the most cynical. Every single time in my life I have said something is going to end up as a turd in the water pipe, against every other single person involved, I've turned out to be right. Not arrogance, not bragging, just fact.

Apple are driving this behind the scenes and the more manufacturers dive over the side the happier I'll be because I can tell you what will happen. Its muskkretinwagen 2.0. They will reel everyone in with cuddles and snuggles and freeware promises... Until take up hits a point *and then it'll be, you know that matter protocol, it'll cost you eye watering amounts from now on... And don't think you can argue

  • It's the technology version of "the first hit is free".

I've lost track of how many times they've tried the same trick and no one stops them, because kickbacks.

PS: If you can't use Symbian/Android etc then you shouldn't have a smartphone. Apples secret is to make smart retarded. And here's the thing. For as long as I have followed Apple their market share has wombled around 20%. Look up Macnamaras Morons - 18-20% of any population in any country is too dumb to throw a ball - and cannot be trained, ever. I'm not saying the correlation is 100% but it's awfully similar.
Funny isn't it, I have Windows Mobile and Symbian phones that can do on a dual core 300ish mhz processor - stuff iPhone still can't.

But I'm tired and I have to conserve my energy for another cancer biopsy, a central line surgery and a bone scan. Dying slowly is so much fun :woman_bald::coffin::+1:

I have and they don't. Apple would have been very content keeping with using thread. It's a mature protocol and they will continue using it regardless. Matter itself is a mess on all ends of the primary players (amazon, apple, google, etc..) Until everyone gets their shite together, it doesn't matter who does what. It's useless.... That said, I honestly don't care who is "behind it" or driving it or how much money they're making. As long as the stuff works and my data isn't going out of the network I'm cool with it. If I have a device that refuses to work without having to send data to the mothership, then that device gets binned. I use apple products for a couple of reasons. First, they tend to just work.,.. (though I run windows and linux not MAC), Secondly their privacy policies. 3rd, I've never seen any data outside of voice and software requests go outside of my stuff. So let apple make their money. I'm good with it... Certainly more trustworthy than Amazon or Google..

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An example please? All my family members are on Apple and I am still on Android ( most likely the last one for me). I don't see anything Apple couldn't.

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I, and I expect many others here, can use them. I use an iPhone because it works so well i have one less think to figure out how to fix. We all have our reasons for using the technologies hardware we use. The cool thing is, it’s great we have that flexibility and choice. There isn’t any device that is perfect for all situations. We all set the criteria for what is important to us about the solutions we choose to solve the various problems and issues in our lives. That doesn’t mean the option we did not choose is a bad one. It just didn’t fit our criteria.

I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, but I do wish you strength for the road ahead, hope for healing and a better future, and the love and support of family and friends to share your burden and brighten each and every day.