Printing items in hubitat

As my list of devices and rules gets longer and longer I would really like to be able to print the lists. Am I just missing it, or is it not possible. Or, is there a utility that would do this for me?

It's a standard, HTML table just highlight it and copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

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Please expand on this answer. Is it that one must go into the devices list, copy and paste that and then go into the apps list and copy and paste that separately? What about the apps and rules themselves? Must one do each of them separately or is there a way to copy a master list of all these things to paste them into a table?

What about the .lzf backups that I can save to my computer? Do these contain the information in a format that can be opened and read?

They are HTML tables. Yes, each list page can be copied and pasted. As can the app status ( the gear) page.

The backup file is encrypted and contains no user information.

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