Preventing access/visibility to certain dashboards


I just gave my kids access to hubitat using the phone app. Is there a way to make it hide dashboards that I don't want them to use or see or do I have to just set a pin code for certain dashes if I want to lock them out? Also, I see options to lock dashes out of cloud or local access and also not allow changes. How are you guys limiting access to friends/guests? Is there an ideal way? To me it seems like the best way is when they login with their login that they shouldn't see any dashes that I haven't granted them access to. I don't see an option like this is settings. Is it possible?


I think the only way to restrict others from even knowing that other dashboards exist is to share the link for the specific dashboard(s) you want them to have access to. Then they can view the dashboard in any web browser.

If they can login to the hubitat app, they’ll be able to see all dashboards. With PIN codes you can still prevent them from opening certain dashboards.


Thanks. I think it would be nice if everyone could have their own tailored dash board and if I could give them visible access to just their dash board. Hopefully the app can evolve to that. The pin codes help for restricting but then you have to input a code every time and it clutters your cell phone screen with multiple dashboards. Maybe I’m the only one that wants this though.


Do you have any automations that would rely on these other people’s phones for mobile presence sensing?

If not, and all you want is to give some other people access to certain dashboards, then there’s no particular advantage to having them use the mobile app.

Sharing a link to specific dashboards would serve the same purpose. They can save the dashboard to the home screen of their phones and open it up just as if they were using an app.


Thanks for the tip. One of the reasons for giving them the app was in fact for presence detection. I haven’t set up any rules yet but I do plan to. I like your idea though and I think that I will set up cloud shortcuts on their phones and then the app can just run in the background for presence detection purposes. I know the app is still in its infancy and hopefully in the future we can have some more advanced features.