Prevent New Dashboard Creation From Dashboard Menu

I would like the ability to prevent the creation of dashboards from the dashboard menu and only create then from within Hubitat Dashboard app. I see that there appears to be an option to toggle on/off that ability, at least when local. That, however, does not seem to be working for me. I get the ability to create a new dashboard from both local and cloud URLs. If I'm on the cloud URL and click on little cloud icon, it changes to a house icon and adds the plus sign for creating new dashboards without actually taking me to the local URL. The page remains where it is until I click on the word Dashboards in the green title bar area. At that point it takes me from the cloud URL to the local URL, which obviously only resolves when I'm local... otherwise it times out. The issue, however, is that if I, while on the cloud URL, click the cloud, which then changes to a house and adds the plus sign to create a new dashboard, I can actually click the plus sign and create a new dashboard. The dialog comes up asking me to enter the name of a new dashboard and upon clicking the Add New Dashboard button it just times out and looks like nothing happened since I'm not local. But go back to the menu now, and sure enough I see the new dashboard from both the cloud and local URLs.

Anyone seen this before?

Oh, also, from within an actual dashboard now, in chrome and not in the frame in the mobile app, while in mobile view and not desktop view, if I click on the the green checkmark to reload the dashboard, or just refresh the page, the dashboard does not render correctly. It gets cut off at the top and doesn't load the menu at the top again that has the green checkmark, the plus sign, and the gear icon on the right and the HE logo and the name of the dashboard on the left. Only way to get it back is to go back to the dashboard page and click the dashboard link again.