Presense not working anymore

was using Life 360 and it stopped showing arrived and not present.
I went out and bought a smartthings arrival sensor. It is now in my device list, but oly shows not present. I am new to Hubitat so I'm pretty lost. I just updated the hubitat hub software today.
Can anyone help me with this, please.

I had that problem this week too. I found that my phone was turning off location when it was dark. I tinkered until I found a way to turn it on. Usually L360 doesn't allow you to turn off background services for it, but check that also. AND I also rebooted my phone then went into the app and cleared cache. I have an android. Hope that helps.

It's fixed!
I have an Iphone 11 pro max. I had the "share my location" turned off. When I turned it on and waited a few minutes, the test drive was conclusive and it started knowing I was home on Life360.
As far as the smartthing arrival sensors, they are just not sensitive enough and I will probably take them back.

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