I've been trying to get HE presence to work. Has been pretty iffy. here today gone tomorrow kinda thing. Today I found that using a fake location app. I can get presence to turn on and off if I close HE phone app. ie move location and no change for presence. Close HE and reopen. Changes presence pretty quick. Can do this with an LG phone and a Samsung. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Not much in the way of help for you, been down this path too. App's dont resolve consistently in real time, hard to write a stable app. Samsung makes a fob that is Zigbee - dont waste your money, the best answer in my humble opinion is to have an app for droid similar to the one in the community for Ios. It looks to see if your device is registered as an IP on your home / office net - thats the trigger. This is the most accurate way for real time local presence.

Use multiple methods to create a combined presence. I use the HE app, Life360, and connection to my home WiFi as the 3 methods. This way I get very good, reliable presence sensing. There are also a couple of good community apps to assist with this (you will be able to find them if you search for "combined presence" I think). Alternatively, you can create your own rules to manage this if you prefer (that's the way I do it because I like maximum visibility on what's going on).

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Thanks folks. Shame it has to be so complicated. Ifttt location seems to be working today. Was flaky in the past too. Maybe try that for a bit.

It's like many things in life. Complicated until you do it and then it's simple :rofl: I've definitely found it worth the effort to set up. Now my lights and AC go on and off nicely when we get home and depart.

Is connection to home wifi when the the app switches between local and cloud ? If so how do I make that happen ?

No, I mean use your connection to your home WiFi as a positive indicator that you are "present" (and vice versa when you leave home). You can use this driver to achieve it...

Don't worry that it says iPhone (if you are an Android​ fanboi like me). This driver will work with more or less all Android phones too. Just assign a fixed IP address at your router for your phone (and other family members too) and the device will register present (or not) when you are connected to the WiFi (or not). Bingo!