Presence with mobile app hit or miss lately

So the mobile app for presence has been hit or miss lately. Seems it works for some time and then goes AWOL for some time. Normally I can reboot the phone or close all apps and open up the mobile app and it triggers and sets we are away or home.

Today I'm at work, 40 miles from the house connected to WIFI and mobile app says I'm out of geofence and nothing. It will not detect at the HUB that I'm gone. Wife left about 30 mins after I did, is further away and show her away as it should.

There has to be a way to either ping to verify presence or something else because its kind of old lately to keep rebooting one phone or the other when the app says we are out of geofence to get the hub to see it.

So... thoughts.. (Please no life 360 app suggestions) There must be a way to make this more robust than what it is.

Are you using an Android phone? check if the battery optimization is on for the hubitat app. It should be off.

Yep Android, yep its been off since installed years ago.
Something funny just now, I forced the system into Away mode and once I did that it triggered that I was now away and armed the system... ugh..

Combined presence including WiFi, HE mobile App presence and, yeah you guessed it, Life360 or similar :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmm, I see. Are you using stock android? aka. Pixel or Nexus devices. Another thing i could think of is some phone manufacture could have their own mechanism to reserve battery consumption... just a guess tho.

Yeah good suggestions, yes are using Pixel phones, however its can go on for months which it has with error free interruption until today. Most times I just clear the running app in the background or reboot the phone. Either way I cam home and all is working fine again. Would be nice to have a ping setting for this scenario but it is what it is... we'll say this is resolved as it won't get better or worse at this point for me (famous last words lol)

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If it comes back try improved mobile presence, it's been working flawlessly for me for nearly a year now in an advanced situation.