Presence Using IFTTT Wifi

This is not exactly an HE issue, but thought someone might have a suggestion.

In my never ending quest, along with others, to improve my presence detection.

I set up some IFTTT triggers based on connection and disconnection to my WIFI network. They then turn on/off a virtual HE switch. I set up 4 applets in IFTTT to detect both my 2.4g and 5g WIFI connections to my phone. Never know which might connect first on my phone.

Anyway, the 5g works great. Wifi goes off, virtual switch goes off. Wifi goes on virtual switch goes on.

The 2.4g not so well. Wifi goes off virtual switch goes off. Wifi goes on virtual switch won't come back on. The applet does't seem to run.

In other words IFTTT detects either wifi connection going off, but only the 5g one coming on. I have deleted that applet, put it back in. Checked all the settings, etc.

Just wondered if anyone had any similiar experiences or any suggestions.

You don't need to use IFTTT for this. It is adding complexity, another potential failure mode, and the necessity of Cloud. None of which is beneficial. Just use this...

And suggest search for the subject of presence to find the best way to build a composite/combined presence sensor that will never let you down.

(by the way, thankfully the app works with anything connected to your WiFi router and that has an IP address, best reserved/fixed. So the first thing I did was remove the annoying reference to iPhone :joy:)​


+1 for using a presence solution like the one @Angus_M linked to.

Most people find it necessary to combine multiple presence sensors into one, since mobile presence is tricky and relying on one sensor only is a recipe for failure at some point.

So while it may be beneficial to use other cloud-based services that offer geolocation to improve reliability, I agree that using IFTTT's wifi-based presence makes less sense than a solution that runs on the hub itself.

There are a few different community-developed apps that make it easy to combine multiple presence sensors inputs into one output sensor, but @jwetzel1492's Combined Presence has worked as well for me as his iPhone presence sensor driver. And I have an iPhone so that's what I call it even though it does indeed work for android as well :upside_down_face:.

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I already use my own presence combiner. But every thing is based on geo-location which is dependent on the phone and isn't always reliable. And yes I have the battery and background settings all correct.

I looked at the wifi presence app mentioned above. I have an Android phone and from what I can read the response is in the order of minutes which would not do me any good. The IFTTT works almost instantaneously. Just can't figure out why it won't see the 2.4 coming on.

The original version of the driver checked once a minute, so if you arrived one second after the last check-in, it could be a minute before it recognized your phone as present.

The newest version of the app checks every 15 seconds.

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so does this driver

and this.

but i never had a issue with the minute. It was always the 1st thing to fire usually before the other outer geofence! Its local and the driver is simple and as long as your wifi is good it will work perfectly. All so the reference to IOS is null and void, it's actually is BETTER on android due to the rubbish nature of IOS and its wifi use.

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Yeah you can set it to refresh as often as you like. I use 1 minute which is adequate for my application (by the time I'm out of the car in the driveway the lights are on and the alarm is disarmed). For me a combination of (1) the HE app geolocation, (2) Life360 and (3) wifi connection works 100% of the time. I use simple RM rules to manage all this (as per another post on this forum) because I like to know and understand and have complete control over these presence rules.

[update] In case it helps anyone, here is my approach as posted elsewhere... (there are community apps available too, it's just that I'm a control freak and like to know what's going on)... :laughing: