Presence under RM 4 - how to

With rule machine 4, presence is arrives - leaves. How would a rule that is based on the rule running when the presence sensor is not here ( not leaving or arriving ). I have a rule 3 that has a motion detector send pushover if my phone is “not present” but can’t create that scenario in rule 4.

You trigger based off precense change and then setup conditions under the actions and then write conditional actions based off those conditions.

Here you go...

Motion sensor changed


If motion sensor is active and phone isn’t precent THEN
End if

Ok. thanks all, think I got it. Seems like a lot more steps are now involved to create a rule and some brain logic to assemble the rule In a runnable order. RM 4 no longer shows ( true or false ) after the rule like RM 3 did. It this correct?

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Correct. You can still use Rule 3.0 if you want. Those rules won't go away.