Presence Sensor not working

I have the app installed on my iphone, and I can send notifications to it from the associated presence sensor, but it never sends any events at all. If I use the hub interface to set the device to departed, then click "Send geo event" on the phone app, it updates correctly at the hub. It never spontaneously updates it's status though.

I had renamed the device, and someone in a previous thread had suggested creating a new presence sensor, so now I have a new presence sensor currently. The old one has the same behavior.

Any thoughts?

The hubitat app has been hit and miss for years. Some versions and phones seem to work, others do not. I've long given up on using the hubitat app as a presence sensor. The one I currently use is an android only app, so I'm not sure which is best for ios, but search around several are out there.

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I've been seeing the same thing with the last few firmware updates. For the most it been working. However, Life360 has been more reliable. Plus, with an application that combine presences together has been my savior.

So.. I think I may have found a small bug.. Well I don't think I would call it a "BUG" i think it has to do with the the HE presence and the iOS "Scenes" or "Focus".. So.. I have 5 different focus groups, and of those 5 when "Do Not Disturb" or "Driving" is on the Presence for HE is "paused", I think. I think this has something to do with the way the iOS "stops/blocks" apps/notifications from interfering. It drove me crazy for the longest time. For some reason my presence would NOT lock my house when I left the geo-zone and ONLY when I was in a vehicle. I just so happened to have something else bugging me about the "Driving" scene, so I disabled the "auto" enable "Driving" scene and switch it to manual. Since I did that I have had ZERO issues with my triggers from my geo-zone comings and goings. Just for fun I figured what the hell, turn it back on, and sure enough as soon as the phone was switch to the "driving" scene my geo-zone triggers stopped. and then I disabled it, and magically the triggering started working again.

SOOO.. If any of those magicians that are working on the HE app/code. Maybe this will help give you all a direction. I have noticed that there is the capability of marking an app/notification as critical or high priority in iOS, and I figured if this could be applied to the HE app and associated notifications, maybe it will fix this quarky issue I've found. Then again I may just be a weirdo that is the only one having this issue and found a "work around", though I do wish I could turn on driving focus AND have my HE geo-zone work, but until then I just keep it on manual lol.. Hope this helps someone else. I'd be interested to see if maybe some people don't even realize iOS turns the "Driving" focus on automatically.

Everyone have a great weekend!!

I don't know if you have Samsung or android.

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