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Hi, I don't understand why the Mobile App Geofencing sensor in my Galaxy S9 stopped working. I gave it unlimited access to the Location settings but it stopped working. I also have the Samsung Smarthings app running on the same phone and it's presence works fine. Can someone give me some advise? I also have it running on My Pixel 2 and Samsung S7, and they work fine.

In my experience and many others, phone based presence is very hit/miss. My Pixel 2 is about 90%, my wife's P2XL was like 50%, her new P4 is around 25% and we use Life360

Some use a Wi-Fi presence which is better but you need to be pretty close to home, however pretty reliable. The HE mobile app/presence was way worse for me, not usable at all


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Thank You for replying. The early days in Smarthings, they had the same problems. It seems that they have worked it out since all my phones work flawlessly now with their app. I have both apps running on the same phones as the Hubitat. If now I can only get the hublink to work.

Instead of hublink. There is hubconnect. You can use that to link your Smartthings to HE. I use life360 for presence. My pixel is fine but my wife's Samsung is 50% with Hubitat presence. I get around 95% with Life 360.

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