Presence is almost perfect... almost

I've always had good luck with mobile presence (via phone). It's certainly good enough to arm & disarm cameras and run other security automations. One thing, though... my wife's phone will sometimes switch her to Present as soon as she arrives, then go Not Present in a few seconds. It'll go back to present, usually before too long. Is this a known issue? I'm wondering if someone else has experienced this and maybe done something to correct it.

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That is a problem with many phones, they shut off radios to save battery. My Motorola turns off GPS and wifi shortly (30 seconds or so?) after the screensaver becomes active.

There are combined presence apps that combine wifi, gps, or other means like a presence fob to get a better idea of when you are home.

We use the built-in Life360 integration in Hubitat for mobile presence. It has been much more reliable than the Hubitat Mobile App for our iPhones. YMMV, of course.


I've tried using the HE mobile app, Life 360, WiFi Presence, and a few others.
But what I found to work for me 100% of the time is the Alexa app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus). Using routines to turn on or off a switch based on if I'm arriving or departing.
Routines > When this happens > Locations > Arrives or Leaves > etc...

I created a virtual switch in HE and named it Alexa Presence Sensor.
In the Alexa routines I have it turn on the switch when I'm arriving, and turn off when I'm departing.

When I'm departing our house I'll get a notification about a half a block away. As soon as I get in front of our driveway, I will get the notification that I'm arriving and our garage door will open.

I found with using the HE mobile app, Life360, and the others, I would be a mile or two from our house before I would get the departing notification. And about a two or three minutes inside our house before I would get the arriving notification.

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Many posts on this subject. Search is your friend. I use a combined presence approach in Rule Machine, mixing wifi connection, Life360, and Hubitat app presence. It is bullet proof. There are also some community apps that you could try such as...

(actually doesn't just work for iPhone, name is misleading)

This is a very good thread. I explain my eventual approach there. It may give you some ideas....