Presence detector

Trying to make my wife happy... ROFLOL.... :>

Since life360 doesn't work on iphones that are locked, my wife doesn't want something tracking her either and life360 realize on the intranet... I'm trying to figure out a simple way to get presence from devices attached to my wifi network.

I see it has been discussed but cannot find a pre-built solution. I do not know groovy and pinging a device from within the sandboxed groovy most likely is not within my skills..

So I put on my linux guy hat... and think I have a few raspberry pi's lying around. how about a web service that returns 1/0 (Present/Absent). I can write that in ruby... http url something like http://x.x.x.x/y.y.y.y

where x.x.x.x is the raspberry pi obviously
and y.y.y.y the device to be monitored. Have IP reserved in router for the phone.

Now how to write a presence device driver that would connect to my rest service in hubitat..

being that I have zero groovy skills.. would someone be so kind to point me to an example of how to make rest calls from hubitat.. and please don;t tell me that user written drivers cannot make outgoing rest calls...

There is already something like this available. [RELEASE] HTTP Presence Sensor

I belive it also has a companion app specifically for iPhone.

You mean something like this?

Just be aware that it is really only a partial solution.

You can also use Locative which is a local solution between the phone and the Hubitat hub. No creepy cloud based tarcking/history.

Mine worked great when it was locked...

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Life360 works in the background, when iPhone is locked. No problem there. Not wanting to be tracked, welp, I can't help with that one. I'd be wary if my wife was concerned about people knowing her whereabouts. :wink:

Ditto. My wife can see my Life 360 location history any time she wants. And vice versa.

Ditto what everybody said on iPhones...: L360 works fine when locked, only people in your circle can see your whereabouts, if you're worried about that, there are bigger issues!!