Presence detection boolea

Made a rule to lock the front door when both of us leave, but the door locks when either of us leave. Looking in the rule, it says when any leave. How in the Sam Hill do I make a rule that runs when both of us leave?

Apologies to anyone here named Sam Hill.

Can you post screen shot of rule?

I think this might be the most efficient way.

Trigger: device1, device2 any leaves

Wait for condition device1 device2 all not present
Lock door

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Might I suggest a much easier way using a community app, either Combined Presence or Presence Plus? Both are excellent apps that do what you want without a fairly complex rule.

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If you do as @Hasty1 suggested and add a conditional at start of your Actions of IF you AND wife not present, THEN.....

Finally, as a good habit, add an ENDIF at end.

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