Presence Central WITH Mode Manager

I know I'm going to hear this is overkill, but here goes. I use Presence Central by Andy and love it. I have my phone, my wife's phone and now a presence sensor in the car used to sense presence. My wife's iPhone X is having issues with alerting for "presence" and therefore I'm trying a new presence sensor in the car. I have an Android phone and have much fewer presence issues.

I use the presence sensors to change my HSM Modes from Armed to Disarmed. My question is if I use the Mode manager app ALONG with the Presence Central app will that increase the chances of my HSM modes being triggered to change modes? Will this cause a conflict using two apps for the same purpose or is "Presence" basically governed by Geofencing/ Life360? I appreciate any advice.

Nope. Because HSM doesn't have modes, per se. They are more akin to states (Armed, Armed - Home, Armed - Night, and Away). Mode Manager compliments HSM. It doesn't compete.

For the ios device, have you tried an app called ‘locative’?
It’s working well for me to enhance l360 etc.
All you need to do is create a virtual presence, add it to maker api and use locative to change the presence.
I use this with presence central along with l360, ST presence & HE app to get a more reliable presence set on a virtual presence sensor.

Presence Central is able to change modes upon presence too.


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Thanks guys! If using both Presence Central AND Mode Manager don't enhance my presence then Andy gonna take your advice and use Presence Central to change modes AND take a look at the app Locative for my wife's Iphone.
Much appreciated!!!

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