Preference Manager-High Overhead App?

I've used this app a few times recently, but I didn't go crazy:

19 minutes and 33 seconds of usage doesn't seem too excessive on the face of it, but what is "normal" / expected?

I don't know, but it really stood out compared to the others. It's not like I look at this log subsection a lot, like ever.

I'm not sure exactly how those "runtimes" are tabulated, but I can share with you that my hub's highest number (after only 1 day of uptime, since we had a power outage yesterday morning) goes to Z-Wave Poller app, with just over 1,100,000 milliseconds ... similar to your Preference Manager.

The next-highest (Echo Speaks) stands at only 44,000ms and down from there.

Until you posted, I was unaware such an App Stats page existed, so thanks. But I really don't think either of us has anything to worry about?

Yeah, I know. My hub is running alright, knock on wood. I was prompted by that excessive resources thread, or whatever it's called. Check out the device log as well. The Hub Information device, not surprisingly, is at the top of the list. The arrival sensors are little surprising, but they send out a beacon at some high rate. The Aeotec home energy monitor is not surprising; it sends out readings every 5 seconds. All the plugs are power/energy monitor plugs with parameters set kind of high were possible to limit chattiness...but still chatty, looking at the live log. I'm surprised that one of the switches, not seen on the snip below, activated by motion almost rivaled the plugs..I must pass by there a lot.

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Preference Manager shouldn't be doing anything when you aren't using it (it doesn't subscribe to any events, schedule anything on its own, etc.), so all the runtime is likely from you just applying the settings. Considering that can act on many devices at one and possibly many preferences, I would not be surprised to see its usage so high if you've used it a few times, particularly if you changed a lot of preferences or a lot of devices in total.

One reason why: there is likely at least a small amount of delay between each command, presumably not to overload your networks (as many of these could correspond to Z-Wave parameters or Zigbee configuration, though some are just driver-only settings). It's possible that this time in between still counts towards total runtime (as opposed to repeatedly going back to sleep and waking up for the next task, but even then, just the actual tasks might be a lot too).

Al that to say: if you aren't having problems, this is likely just normal as a result of use and not something I'd be concerned with. (If it increases on its own when you aren't using it, that's another story...)


Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

I guess my question would be, why doesn't it go away after a while in stats?

I have seen Preference Manager do this too, you use it and days or weeks later it is still consuming more than any other app in the list. Shouldn't the list update and bump this off the stats if it is no longer in use?

I believe these only get reset after a reboot Are you still seeing it after that? Otherwise, this is likely to be higher than a lot of other stats, even after other apps have had a while to execute, and so is probably more notable just because these stats are often what you'll sort on to find the "top' apps.

Yes, that is when things drop off in my experience, upon reboot only.