Power Supply for Ikea Fyrtur Shade - No Battery Required

I recently found this solution on the ikeahackers website. Looks very simple.
Have not tried it yet but will do so soon.

Wondering if anyone else has done anything similar. ..

Assembly was simple.

Initial testing was a success using a power supply from Amazon --- *** Read further down to get updated info on power supply.*** --- Voltage selector switch is set to 7.5V whereas the battery delivers 7.2 V. So, I'll run this test unit for a while to assess longevity.

@david4 How is this working for you? I’m looking at doing the same and I’m curious if you’ve run into any issues? Thanks!

Works exactly as expected. Same driver as battery version. Recently implemented on a bank of 4 shades. No issues just some tedious soldering. It's a beautiful thing to ditch the batteries on these shades.

Good luck!

Thanks for the follow-up. Did you do one power adapter per shade? I hope to install multiple as well.

You're welcome. No. Went with larger power supply.

Even better! Would you be willing to share which power supply you used? Did you wire them in parallel? Thanks for sharing your experience!

18 ga stranded wire with this ps for every two shades. BTW, you might want some pig-tails to plug into.

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I may have spoken too soon about my results with the larger power supply...

One of the 'larger' units did not fire tonight. And, now I know why. It's undersized.

The shade's battery (BRAUNIT battery pack - #104.497.54) is rated at 7.2V/2.0A max.

The shade motor may pull less than max current but the power supply should be capable of no less than 2.0A per shade and the ones I have now are only 2.5A max.

So, with 4 shades wired as two pairs, I need at least 4.0A per power supply. But, I've ordered one a slightly oversized device from a brand-name manufacturer - Mean Well GSM60A07-P1J (7.5V/6.0A). I'm using one of these power supplies per every two shades.

See other power supply options here.

Thanks for following up. Good timing, too. I just bought 3 Fyrtur shades from Ikea yesterday and was about to order your original power supply, but now I'll have to do some more reading. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As an update to this project, the Mean Well GSM60A07-P1J power supply is operating as expected. FYI, this device does not ship with a power cord.

Glad to hear they're working reliably for you. How many shades did you wire to that Mean Well GSM60A07-P1J 6 power supply? You mentioned ordering one power supply but have four shades.

Also, did you hide the power supply out of the way? How long are the wires to each shade? Thanks!

I'm using one Mean Well GSM60A07-P1J (7.5V/6.0A) per every two shades.

My options for concealing the wires in this location were not ideal given the window layout and trim details. Could have done things a little more subtly and even tried that 'flat' speaker wire but that didn't work out. Ended up using plastic wire track from Lowe's in a single location to take both of the 18 AWG down runs.

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Still working reliably? Any other feedback or suggestions?

Do you have concerns with shade component longevity or damage due to using a slightly oversized power supply?

Is voltage drop a concern when both motors run simultaneously? Thanks!

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Still working fine. No concerns. If a shade happens to die due to a tenth or two higher voltage than the rating then I’ll just replace the shade.

The only problem I have seen with this setup is unrelated to the power supply. One shade or another will miss a close command from time to time.

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I installed three of these Fyrtur shades with hardwired power and they're working great. I had a lot of trouble at first with them randomly going up and down, not responding, etc, but after a firmware update, they seem very stable. I'm very happy I don't have to think about batteries because I installed these in between my windows and my storm windows so they're not easily accessible.

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I want to hardwire my IKEA blinds as soon as I get them. I will have 4 or 5 blinds connected to the same power supply. Which means I need an 8A or 10A 7,5VDC power supply.
The only question is what gauge wire do I need to wire this up in series? Or are there a better way to do this?

The wire length will be about 2m if that has to be taken into account.

You need to wire the shades in parallel to the power supply. 18 gauge wire to each shade from the power supply should be enough with your length.

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