Power outage, UPS ran dry, secondary hub stuck at 25%

Curious how long I should give hub to recover. I can get to 8081. Should I bother telling it to reboot?

And what is process for restoring from backup? Looks like soft reset then once it comes back up I should get promoted to recover from backup?

Ironically, outage happened right after daily backup.

5 minutes should be plenty.

That's the best way to go, yes.

And made the mistake of rebooting my primary (via reboot in settings). It’s now stuck at 10%. Hoping it comes around…

Primary hub back after telling it to reboot via 8081.

Would the fact it uses hub mesh and the secondary being wedged cause the primary to not boot successfully?

I don't think so... got multiple dev hubs interconnected with mesh here. Not all of them up all the time, and they are rebooted pretty often, too. I would have noticed if having a source hub down would have caused target hub to misbehave.


Kk. Well, guess I’ll keep an eye on the one I didn’t restore.

Odd that leaving it at 10% for some amount of time, then a restart brought it around…